Why Do Most Men Want to Grow a Thicker, Fuller Beard?

The simple answer most men give is that their beard makes them look and feel more masculine and handsome. Not only will you look better, but your confidence will immediately start to rise.  Nothing is manlier than being able to grow a great-looking beard on demand.  Plus, a beard is the ideal way for men to create the appearance of a strong, symmetrical, chiseled jawline. There has also been a significant amount of research noting that women find men with symmetrical faces more attractive. A beard is the perfect way to guarantee a more symmetrical appearance without costly surgical procedures.

Is Beard Growth Spray Really 100% Natural?

Absolutely!  We have combined a powerful mix of proven, all-natural ingredients to maximize the growth of your facial hair.  This innovative approach is the only product of its kind because no one else provides an all-natural solution to this problem.

Is Beard Growth Spray Safe?

Yes.  Unlike other hair growth products, Beard Growth Spray contains no chemicals or potentially dangerous toxins.  Every ingredient is 100% natural which makes BGS perfect for even the most sensitive skin-types.

What If I Have Sensitive Skin?

No Problem.  Other products rely on harsh chemicals and toxins to promote hair growth.  As a result, men with sensitive skin often suffer from redness, irritation, and itchiness after prolonged use.  By including only 100% all natural ingredients Beard Growth Spray can be applied to even the most sensitive skin without worrying about redness or irritation.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Typically, you will begin to see noticeable results in as little as 30 days.  Our innovate breakthrough solution is engineered to work with your hair follicles natural growth cycle to provide enhanced, sustainable results as fast as possible.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Since Beard Growth Spray provides you hair follicles with essential nutrients to provide enhanced hair growth the results will dissipate once you stop using the product.  Once your hair follicles stop receiving the benefits of Beard Growth Spray their growth and rest cycles will return their previous rhythm.

Will Shaving Help My Beard Grow Faster?

No!  This is a popular myth but there is no truth behind it.  Your hair is often darker near the hair follicle.  When you shave, the hair may appear darker or fuller but it actually isn’t.  If this was actually true, anyone could grow a beard by simply shaving more often.